Parramatta Chamber of Commerce

The Parramatta Chamber arranged the first shopping week in Parramatta in 1912 and in 1928 organized a reception for Bert Hinkler (first solo flight from England to Austalia). In 1930 it arranged buses to bring people from surrounding country districts and in the 50's actively campaigned for the construction on the Olympic Swimming Pool in Parramatta Park. In 1963 the chamber produced the documentary film "Parramatta - Cradle of the Nation" (which has since been upgraded to video) and developed the "Parramatta Pageant" (later to become known as Foundation Week) to celebrate the foundation of Parramatta on 2nd November 1788. Today the Chamber of Commerce movement has expanded dramatically, with more than 300 Chambers throughout New South Wales. The State Chamber, to which Parramatta Chamber is affiliated, reaches approximately 100,000 businesses through it's direct membership and affiliated chambers.

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